Monday, December 31, 2007

Busted - 1 hour dry cleaning in Toronto

1 hour dry cleaning
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It's the day of New Year's in Toronto and I've been out of town with my boyfriend for several days. All he wants is his shirt drycleaned for tonight but it's 2 in the afternoon. Together we've called every dry cleaners in Bloor West, the Junction and Roncesvalles Village and no one can offer us the 1-hr service even if that's part of their company name. Nothing pops up online for 1-hour service downtown either. It's one of those times it makes me ownder what kind of city this is? Aren't there business people out there who recognize a need for this service especially on a day like today? They could've easily charged my BF $20 and he would've gladly paid it. Me, I'm just sad Toronto can't get its act together.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mark McKay Says Kill the Car

Friend Mark McKay was asked to make one of his ranty vids on the subject of cars in the GTA for MTV Canada. The facts on the dangers of driving aren't new but it's worth a look to see Mark's take on the subject and his great cutting style. (I love watching him poke out from behind interviewees like Cam Woolley). First time I watched it I felt like the big bad driver that I am. Now, a couple weeks after a stupid license suspension, I can say I'm a weathered TTC rider and poo-poo all the drivers out there too!