Monday, February 16, 2009

Three Good Things to Start the Week Off Right in the Tdot

Didn't do much this weekend 'cept bummed around Toronto and found a few sweet deals to pass off to the female readers of 416style.

First, while you're reading this, go to the itunes store and pick up either Lily Allen's new album It's Not Me, It's You which just came out last week, or her first album called Alright, Still, especially if you're new to the saucy Brit who busted her way into the industry backed by a huge myspace fan following. Though I do play it often and everywhere, it does seem the perfect album to blare in your car while driving the curvy beach roads up north in the summer. Mark Ronson did a brilliant job producing Alright, Still and giving her a unique sound while she pushes through her own gutsy lyrics. Love that she's got so little to hide. All 11 tracks are only $7 CDN right now.

I spent one sunny day this weekend wandering about the Distillery District. Wonder how the pricey shops will fare during this bust-up in the economy. Seems they're willing to offer a few breaks to buyers. Lileo, a clothing shop which isgreat for browsing and books but usually out of my range has great deals on jeans right now. Brands like Tommy, Goldsign, Joe's and Sass & Bide would usually run you $250-300 at this shop but most of the denim is currently marked down 50%. That's pretty sweet.

From there I went to Queen's Quay near the Guvernment for some groceries and swung into a shop called Joe; it's Loblaws own super cheap clothing label. I've found a great jacket there and a felt laptop bag I got alot of use from. Was wondering if Joe had any goods worth grabbing this time around. Best deal were the socks - stripes, solids and argyle styles, 3 for $6. Best thing is that they're like my fav snowboard socks, with double padding for the feet. I usually pay about $20 a pair for Burton or Volcom snowboard socks so this was a steal. Tried on a few things too, no luck, lots of too short jackets, not for me. Left my Prada shades behind in the changeroom too. Bummer.


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