Friday, August 15, 2008

Gawker Stalker: Thom Yorke and Mos Def

Okay, so I don’t really stalk the stars but I do happen upon the sexy beasts from time to time at hot spots, and chill spots in the city too. In the spirit of Gawker, here's the dish on celebs popping up in the 416, since I know you Toronto kids like your celebrity gossip too.

My dear friend John was at The Beaver on Queen West last night where members of Radiohead were hanging out (interestingly none were drinking). He put the text out to a few friends as they did to their friends and all of a sudden the place was packed. One friend found herself chatting with Thom Yorke and his manager Chris about internet sales of their new album In Rainbows (*see below). While media reports have offered a lacklustre picture of the success of launching the album solely online, frontman Yorke and his manager seemed pleased and revealed that it's been a tremendous success.

Unfortunately I missed the opportunity for geek talk with the band but I did run into Mos Def at Fresh on Spadina one Thursday two weeks ago. Damn, he looked sweet in his flashy aqua blue tee and white cap. Was hoping he'd flash those signature dimples my way but I left him with his crew to enjoy their veggie lunch on the sun-filled patio.

* “’In Rainbows’ is, at least in our opinion, our classic album," he declared. “Our (Lou Reed’s) ’Transformer’, our (The Beatles’) ’Revolver’, our (David Bowie’s) ’Hunky Dory’.” -Thom Yorke