Saturday, October 21, 2006

Zombie captured on Video

A Toronto location manager bravely confronts death by zombie in order to bring us this brilliant up close and personal video. At times scary but often funny until...

Monday, October 09, 2006

Where's My Entourage?

CityTV knows how to push a new show and their latest baby, Entourage, premiering on cable tonight at 10PM, is no different. If you've seen the commercials you're probably not impressed. Somehow CityTV has managed to take the best parts of the show out, inserted some T&A and call it advertising. While the show, shot in LA, will reveal a world of fast cars and beautiful women, it's the relatable characters and sharp comedic dialogue that will capture audience attention.

In the lead is budding star Vince Chase, whose story is loosely-based on Exec Producer Mark Wahlberg's foray into fortune and fame. Vince is no underwear model though, just a down-to-earth guy from Queens making some tough decisions with the help of three hometown friends who follow his every move. Vince's high-powered agent Ari - the real star of the show - has no time for the boys' slow learning-curve, but in the end their east-coast values often triumph over Ari's shallow ones.

Fans of the HBO show who have been watching it on TMN for the past three seasons will have to be patient as no new shows are offered on the schedule as of yet. Instead we'll have to see if CityTV can produce as successful a following, since much of the racy dialogue which defines the show will have to be removed, Sex And The City style.

(image: CityTV)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Zanta's Back!

>I usually see Zanta in Yorkville and had seen him there often during the film festival, running around, being loud and showing his feats of braun for passersby. I'm not really sure what his deal is but he seems perfectly content in this role which finds him dressed up in nothing but boots, shorts and a santa hat. Friends recently told me they'd seen restaurant signs on Yorkville and Cumberland streets saying "Bye, Bye, Zanta" or "We'll miss you Zanta", and had feared something horrible had happened. Turns out Zanta's back!. He was just in jail for a little while for, according to his website, doing push ups on the subway. He's also now banned from all TTC vehicles.

I can't say whether I think the dude is nuts or just "in character" as he claims. He does seem to have a pesky personna. I'll admit I've been kicked off the subway before too so I'm not surprised at the attitude the TTC has taken. All I was just doing was singing American Pie with a bunch of other late night passengers who'd implored me to sing along. If that got me busted, I'm sure Zanta wasn't doing much worse. However, he does appear to be getting banned from other sites in the city and CHUM doesn't like him poking around their windows much either.

I'll have to look into it a bit further, maybe watch his videos, but for now I think it's kinda cool having our own kooky dude on the street like NYC's Naked Cowboy. Maybe there should be a showdown or at least Zanta could step it up a notch and make ringtones available on his site, like the Naked Cowboy, who purportedly makes a decent living doing his thing in Times Square.

(image: Matt O'Sullivan)