Thursday, June 11, 2009

The New York Times Needs A Real Taste of Toronto

Beauty Bar Hipsters
Last month The New York Times covered the TDot in a column called 36 Hours in Toronto. The author Danny Lee covered a few bases in downtown and Leslieville then seemed to find all the hipster haunts, like Oddfellows, Sweaty Betty's and Communist's Daughter, too. If you're from New York are you really going to come here for hipster leftovers? Is it just me or can everyone just get over this hipster bullshit already, I mean is that a way to describe a restaurant? You are what you eat right? Not what you sit next to.


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Blogger spiritsentient said...

I really loved this article. New York and Toronto have more in common than most people think, but T-Dot gets little respect.

Toronto Rapper:"Famous" said it best in his track 4th Biggest City...

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Keep rockin', I love Toronto!

Blogger spiritsentient said...

Ooops, maybe you're rockin' B.C. now, oh well, have fun!

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