Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Toronto versus Vancouver

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About a month ago I packed up my life in Toronto and made the move to Vancouver. I didn't want to be one of those people that lives and dies within a 20km radius from where they were born. I also appreciate that being Canadian means that I have the opportunity to explore and experience several other livable cities in this great country. I chose Vancouver, frankly, because of the mountains and the ocean. So for now solitude will replace socializing as I build a life on the west coast.

One can try not to compare too much - I think it annoys people really - but I'm already finding there are several things about Toronto I miss. [If you're from Vancouver and hate to hear this stuff go back over to 604style and read about the the finds in your great city.]

1) Graffiti. Toronto has so many interesting back-alleys and bridges covered in street art. Vancouver alleys and walls are begging for it. Seriously thinking about designing some stencils to spray over. Something cute or socially motivating?

2) Food prices. Everything costs a fortune in Van. Try and make a cheap pasta and you'll be paying 3 times as much for a basic bag of rotini. Go out (in Kitsilano especially) and you'll be paying about $5 more for plate of Palak Paneer. The food, however, is pretty good in Vancouver. I know Torontonians think they've got that market covered but there is no lack of options for tasty treats.

3) Nightlife. I'd been warned and people in Toronto were right. There are only so many nights I can get so wasted that I no longer care where I am and what music I'm listening to.

4) The weather. Ha! Just joking, Vancouver has been beautiful so far. Don't remember ever having such a dark tan in Toronto by mid-May.

What passes for heterogeneity in the downtown skyline.


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caint complain with sights like these

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