Saturday, October 11, 2008

Can Art Unite A Community?

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For years residents and businesses on the Bloor Street strip between Keele and Dundas West have battled over the area's graffiti-covered back-alleys. It started with the "Keele Wall", behind Midas, where friends of mine have been spray-painting for years. The work has evolved but it's always been eye-catching, drawing the attention of subway riders riding the Bloor Street track and other graffiti artists whose work began to spread eastward.

Up until a year ago the alley artwork covered a huge stretch, all the way to the Dundas West subway station. It drew even more attention, from residents who were drawn to the art and others who knew the strip as a landmark. Unfortunately Toronto City Hall was paying attention too. When they decided to get tough with graffiti they decided the art-strewn walls had to go.

Now, selective pieces will be going back up. The Bloor-by-the-Park BIA is bringing businesses, artists and residents together in an event called ComeUnity. Tomorrow between 10AM and 10PM you can watch as the community unites for a little love in the name of art.