Thursday, March 06, 2008

fourONEsix foto: Robo Lomo

Robo Lomo
Originally uploaded by scienceduck
Over two years ago I started "curating" a flickr photo pool called fourONEsixSTYLE, so i could have a gallery of thumbnails for readers to explore on this site - you can see it to your left. At the time there were only one or two photo groups that showed Toronto some love. Now that flickr's grown so have the groups, but I'm still very proud of this one and all 328 Toronto enthusiasts documenting Toronto the good and Toronto the not-so-good. Here's one photograph from recent submissions that grabbed my attention. It might not be unique to Toronto but to me it's encouraging; even in the strangest of places, on top of a garbage can, in a back alley, you can still find something worth photographing if you've got a sense of adventure, imagination and in this case a bit of nostalgia too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks. fOsS is a great group, glad you invited one of my shots and introduced me to it.


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