Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ron Jeremy Wants You To Read

The post I wrote for blogTO last March, now with video!

Ron Jeremy, who may very well be The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz, swung by The Gladstone last week to stimulate us with stories from his recent autobiography. From the moment he mounted the stage the adult film icon was on a roll, dropping a few of the 1900 porn titles he's starred in: Halloweenie, Weapons of Ass Destruction (Ouch!), Fantastic Foreskin and Throbin Hood.

But interviewer Sasha Von Bon Bon was quick to cut him off, trying to take control of the stage right from the start. While Bon Bon carries a certain weight around town - writing the sex column for Eye Magazine and performing in burlesque shows - her petulance was an annoyance throughout the talk. Like in her column, Sasha seemed to have a need to voice her disdain for certain parts of sex culture. It really surprised me that a woman with the clout she has would use it this way, revealing her less than healthy attitude, in this case towards marriage (everyone cheats don't they?), sex for/with seniors (Jeremy talked of one film where he had sex with an 87 year-old woman) and industry beauty standards (it's easy to knock fake boobs when you're sporting doubleDs). It was the wrong match for a man like Jeremy, who makes no apologies for what he does, but also having really seen and done it all is realistic about sex in all its variations and life in general.

While Ms. Bon Bon bounced between the conflicted personas of attention-hungry schoolgirl and jaded lover, Jeremy, the consummate pro, spewed anecdotes from his life in porn and we lapped up every dirty bit.

Oh-eight update: Check back soon for my review of the book and I'll fill you in on all the salacious details of my own encounter with the porn legend.


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