Tuesday, March 04, 2008

RIP Jeff Healey

Sadly, on Sunday night, Canadian musician Jeff Healey passed away at St. Joseph's hospital in the westend of Toronto. The cancer that had caused his blindness at the age of one had spread throughout his body and could no longer be controlled by doctors.

Healey had had a successful career, rising up the international music charts and winning a Grammy award for the ballad Angel Eyes. He was to become a famous figure in Toronto's jazz and rock music scene, lending his name to a couple popular music venues.

I met him once, outside Healey's on Bathurst. I'd been having a drink at The Paddock next door with a friend, and we'd made our way out for a cigarette on the patio. Out of the blue a smooth voice sidled up to us and said "Hello Ladies! Care to join me for a drink?" We were charmed by the tall blond man we both knew to be Jeff Healey so we found ourselves taking his arm to follow him downstairs for a drink. We had a few laughs and then watched him perform. He was a classy and talented man, with an obvious love for what he did. Rest in Peace.


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