Sunday, March 02, 2008

Doc Soup Screens Autism: The Musical

Though the causes of autism cannot be definitively pinpointed, it has become apparent that cases of autism have increased dramatically since the 1980's. It wasn't until a couple of summer's ago that I'd met someone with this brain development condition. At first he seemed odd, sociable, but unable to make eye contact. Then, his fixations with unusual things like highway rumble strips and recording everything from voices to generator noises, made him more curious to me and my friends who interacted with him. Now, what defines him most is his fascination with the play Evil Dead: The Musical. He'll ask everyone he meets whether they've seen it and what they think of it. He's gone so far as to get some of the cast members' t-shirts, covered in fake blood, and wear them out to parties. No doubt dressing up for Halloween is his favorite time of year.

Since I really know very little about people with Autism, I'm hoping that this week's Doc Soup screening "Autism: The Musical" will shed some light on the associated personality traits, not only the repetitive and extremely intelligent aspects of the neurological encumbrance we've come to know from Rain Man, but also how a focus on creative expression can help those with Autism. It's fascinating, when you know that most of us only use 5% of our brain's capacity, that there may be a key there in understanding this different wiring that might help us all evolve a little further.

Screenings are at 6:30 and 9:15 this Wednesday the 5th. Tickets are currently available online for the later show. You'll have to take your chances to get into the early one.


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