Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day 2008!

MEC's green roof among others
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Everyone should be doing their part today to lessen the strain on our environment. Here's one trend I hope to see take off in Toronto - Green Roofs. This photo of mine was taken on the green roof of MEC - Mountain Equipment Coop and was used in Bruce Mau's MASSIVE CHANGE exhibit held in Chicago in 2006.

Some of the environmental benefits of green roofs in an urban setting include:
-reducing stormwater runoff that affects water for drinking and swimming, as well as habitat in local rivers and lakes
-reducing energy consumption by as much as 50%
-reducing the urban heat island effect by lowering the City's temperature and therefore a reduction in cooling costs
-beautifies the City
-creates more natural green spaces in urban areas
-provides more habitat area for wildlife including migratory birds


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