Thursday, September 06, 2007

Get Your TIFF Tickets Here!

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Yesterday the Toronto International Film Festival prepared itself for the next wave of filmsters, opening up single ticket sales. I was impressed with the addition of a relatively quiet stand at Roy Thompson Hall to take the burden off the continually busy box offices at Manulife and College Park. However, I wasn't so impressed when I walked down to RTH only to find the film I wanted to see had already sold out. Though I might be able to RUSH This Beautiful City, a film about the gentrification and friction between classes in Toronto's Parkdale neighborhood, I'm doing my best to work facebook and craigslist angles to see what pops up first.

The festival starts today!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey you.
I went to the final show that closed the festival...Emotional Arithemtic with sookie sarandon, max von sydow, christopher plummer and gabriela byrne. The pace was slow for my tastes but the experience was one of a kind. I also went to the TIFF industry after party hoping to see you there but alas, no luck. Hope all is well.


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