Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Winehouse Off the Record: New Line Up for Virgin Fest

I've been sitting on the edge of the fence, deciding whether I wanna pay my $80, for day one of Virgin Festival on Toronto Island September 8th. I would've gone for Amy Winehouse and Bjork but now the bitchy crooner has dropped out and I don't feel like paying the bucks to see cute little Bjork perform for only an hour or two. I've seen her on the Island before and it was okay. The view sucked for everyone unless you were on a picnic table or right at the front since the grounds have no naturally built-in gradient.

My fav show/concert ever was Bjork at the Hummingbird Centre, each song built up methodically over 15 minutes, layering effects by computer technicians Matmos, a choir from Greenland, a harp and Bjork herself emerging on stage as if in a fairy tale. Virgin festival, with its wham bam attitude, won't come close to comparing.

Winehouse was really the clincher for me, having missed her appearance at The Mod Club earlier this year, but she's cancelled all her September shows and is out of the line up for Branson's big music festival. Must have something to do with all the gory details emerging from a bloody fight with her beau. Hope those two sort out their drug problems before Winehouse's father-in-law convinces everyone to boycott her and business plummets. Despite her drug issues and bitchy demeanour I would've dropped the cash in a sec to see her. Now I'm dropping my plans to go to V-fest instead.


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