Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Who Doesn't Love a Little S'Mac?

I've been eating mac and cheese since I was a key kid and, as Gridskipper's Chris Mohney puts it best, I expect to be gumming it down well into my dotage. The best place for the chewy cheese in Toronto is, hands down, Freshwood Grill on Roncesvalles. Made with four cheeses, fun spiral pasta and a bit of tomato and basil, I guarantee you'll come crawling back for it on your carb-carving days. At $10 bucks a pop this ain't kid's play though.

Scanning through Gawker today I came across a link to Mr. Mohney's piece on the Best Mac and cheese in the big Cheese - NYC. I was thrilled to learn about S'Mac in Manhattans' East Village. The people who created this divine orange eatery (pictured above) must truly have macaroni madness. I used to make fun of a co-worker who'd spend his long weekend's visiting the last few St.Hubert's in Ontario, but now I'm geeking out at the thought of taking a trip for a little NYC S'Mac.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

mac and cheese my ass sookie, i know of the Danish background, mac and cheese was never at your house. Say hi to your mom and sister for me.



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