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2007 Pug Awards - Winners & Losers

gardiner museum
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Turns out my favourite Toronto building of 2006 was the same one everyone else voted for in the latest annual round up of the best and worst of Toronto architecture. I've always been a fan of modern design and architecture, so I'm very pleased the Gardiner Museum got top scores from the Pug Award panel and public. I'm also thrilled that I'm not the only one out there with a vision and desire for a city focusing its attention on modernity with some complexity, while also building up around playful public spaces.

One big loser in the competition was the Pug Award site itself, as is evident from the feedback on the blogTO entry I'd written called Who Cares About Architecture? It's functionality and design scored super-low among site visitors who were expecting something more from a competition that favours design and interactivity in the real world but couldn't live up to those virtues in a virtual one.

Since the Pug Award site was designed in a way which didn't allow me to link to the results page, and also doesn't keep results archives, I've decided to share some of the info here with you on fourONEsixSTYLE.

Here are the 22 buildings in the competition and their rank from Best to Worst as reported on the Pug Awards results site 2007:

The Gardiner Museum
One King West Condominiums
The Leslie L. Dan Pharmacy Building
Tip Top Lofts
The Federal Court Building
Home Condominiums
The Four Seasons Centre
Downtown's Next Address (DNA)
The Hudson Condominiums
One Six Nine Condominiums
Quad Lofts
Aquarius and Atlantis Condominiums
66 Portland Condominiums
The Carlyle Condominiums
The Ryerson School of Business
Jazz 1 Condominiums
North Beach Condominiums
Harbour View Estates Condominiums (C & D)
18 Yonge Condominiums
Zed Condominiums
Pinnacle Centre Tower One Condominiums
Be Bloor Condominiums


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