Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Toronto Pride Highlights

lady miss kier
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Every year I get to see a bit more of Pride. My first visit threw me right into the middle of a parade overflowing on Church Street while last years' visit was overshadowed by big adverts and cheesy beer tents. This year I steered clear of both. I headed straight for the main stage to see Lady Miss Kier, front-woman for Dee-light. She broke out classics like Groove Is In The Heart, reminding my how much I loved her fun tracks and far-out antics. Lady Bunny came next to the stage whipping us with musical satire and punchy one-liners. She screamed at the crowd and we threw it back in her face. She was rude, lewd and dirty and we loved every minute of it.

For a taste of Gay Pride, check my flickr pics, a collection of highlights from Toronto Pride 2006 and 2007.

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