Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Wow, Rick You're Great, Will You Be Prime Minister?

With the Canadian election this week I'm feeling very patriotic, even despite the Conservative win.

I was watching one show I don't like to miss, Rick Mercer's Report, today and Rick was all like "Wow, remember the good old days" and i'm thinking "Yeah. Wasn't it cool" but then I'm thinking "Wow, I wish Rick Mercer was on ifilm, or maybe, like, Canada could have it's own version of the cool site so we could see funny Canadian content video on an all Canadian owned website." "Wow. That would be cool", Rick said.

But then Rick Mercer went and put up video on his own site and I'm thinking. "Yeah, That's cool, who needs ifilm".
So now I can check out Pierre Berton's "How To Roll A Joint" piece any time I want and feel like nothing's changed in this country at all; there's still Canadian content on the airwaves and a man over 80 will still not get busted for wanting to smoke a little pot (See October 18, 2004 episode for How To Roll A Joint), but we can talk in a couple months and see if there's still something called Canadian content.

Ps. The vids are in Quicktime, Windows and Real Media Player, but not for every piece.


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