Friday, December 02, 2005

Am I Gonna Be A Star?

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Madonna's lyrics "Am I Gonna Be A Star?" run through my head. Took yesterday off to 'star' in a commercial for Toronto's Beck Taxi. Not a bad way to spend the day, drink wine, say a line.... I wasn't feeling natural at first but it seemed to all come together. My boyfriend Craig starred opposite me, the archetypal boyfriend trying to rush his woman out the door. Hope the chemistry shows on screen.

Later in the night I attended some broadcaster's convention/piss up with my sisinlaw Wendy. We were there at about 7pm but these kids had been drinking since noon. It was a little nuts but a great time. The highlight? I ran into Mayor Miller in the Sheraton, shot him a coy smile and got a sincere hello from the charming man.

Love this city. Toronto's feeling electric lately and (maybe since it's all lit up in fantastic Christmas lights) yesterday I was bubbling with civic pride.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sookie you were not beaming with civic pride, you were beaming from too much wine! Thanks for starring in the commercial for me and thanks for coming out last night!

Blogger Unknown said...

Sookie [what a lovely name to have?]

I dedecated a picture here..

best wishes


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are very sweet...
From your wicked step mom!!!


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