Sunday, January 15, 2006

Vote Green

I've been campaigning with the Green Party in the Parkdale High Park riding for a couple weeks now. I've been to several All-Candidates meetings and met many business owners who reassured me that the idea of electing a Green candidate is not far off. Many welcome the idea that the Green Party's policy is both fiscally responsible and environmentally sustainable.

What impresses me, after reading all federal party platforms, is that green leader Jim Harris and the Greens have a clear vision and also have very realistic objectives with which to reach their goals for the future of this country. I didn't seem to find this with any other party. Sure, the Liberals will throw cash at their "issues" which might help in the short term, and the NDP's words tell us they believe in the environment while all their actions point in support of dirty dirty industry.

The Liberals have an appaulling record at meeting Kyoto standards - carbon emissions have gone up 24% since 1993 instead of their promised 20% decline; and Harper's party is starting to remind us of why we hated them in the last election, telling the papers the Conservatives will scrap Kyoto altogether. Even though they say Harper's a changed man doesn't mean he won't set us back 10 years to a time when the lack of certain freedoms and liberties repressed and alienated friends and neighbours.

The Green Party seems to be the only one thinking ahead. They are socially progressive, want to change the way government and tax is structured, do away with corporate campaign donations and give us all a place to live where we can breath freer, fresher air.

On January 23rd, vote Green. Tell Ottawa we are ready for a greener country and a greener government.

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Blogger Jarrett said...

i'll be sure to vote green next election!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im already there sistah!


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