Monday, January 09, 2006

Trumps Gold Touch

trumps gold finger
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Canadians have a bit of a problem generally. We don't realize the great talent we have at home or endorse the uniqueness of things that make up our cities and culture, that is until the Americans or other "cool" countries see it first.

Trump is coming to Toronto to change our skyline because he thinks our bustling and beautiful city's real estate is undervalued in price. Well, our opinions are undervalued and understated as well. Did you know that Trump's New York flat for "The Apprentice" was designed by a Toronto company? Green Tea Design on Carlaw was responsible. You can get a piece of the action right here at home. Are you feeling a little proud now? That's just the way we Canadians are.

Trump is all over New York. I saw three of his buildings on a recent trip to New York and know he'll be taking over most of the Brooklyn shore. Hopefully Trump's hotel and condo tower here does well and our city skyline continues on the up and up. Just wish our opinion of ourselves would do the same thing.


Blogger kostas said...

Happy and blessing new year.Thank you for your comments.
I think Canada and Canadians are something differrent in America.They are more intellectual and elegant,more friendly to visitors and they have good taste.I love Montreal too much and the Pacific coast,Vancouver city.
Have a nice week.Regards from Greece.

Blogger kostas said...

I am too sorry,but I dont know much about Toronto.But if you live there,its perfect!


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