Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Amazing Race comes to Toronto

industrial go karts
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The Amazing Race has long been a popular show in Canada. It's certainly been a favourite of mine since the beginning. As a bit of a computer and TV geek a couple years ago I decided to particpate in a chatroom where TAR's host, The Philminator, answered questions about himself and the show. There were some funny questions like "Who picks your wardrobe?" Just so you know, it's not Phil. He wasn't crazy either about some of the knit sweaters he was made to wear. Another question was "When are you coming to Canada?" He didn't answer it. Well, now they've come and gone, and while it makes me happy they showcased this multifacted city in their final episode I think they could've done a bit better. The Bata Shoe museum wouldn't have been my pick for a city landmark, though I suppose it is original. I also wasn't so happy they profiled the Kajama, it was a bit too close to home: my friends and I like to get it for the night for some crazy on-board parties. They also showed Queens Quay Yachting, another place my friends and I like to rent boats. Just hope there's still availability when we try to book it next summer.

I would've suggested a trip to the islands, perhaps in a canoe, or a visit to our little known Olympic Museum.

I did like their task while at the CNTower. Couldn't have been easy finding the marker located in this Go-Karts area.

Hopefully the show will help this city's profile. It appeared the American contestants enjoyed it...and in case there are any fan's out there reading this...rolling lumber is not a national sport.


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