Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Wakestock Rocks Toronto Islands

Wakeboard Cup, Xanten
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I'm super-psyched for this weekend's Wakestock World Series down at the Toronto Islands. Fortunately for us city-dwellers, the festival was kicked out of its annual spot in Wasaga, so now we get the world's best wakeboarders coming to our city to put on an awesome show.

Been watching the Summer X Games all week on TV, since it's rare getting to see this stuff live. Seeing the stunts the athletes pull off makes me giddy with excitment and that's just on screen, I watch it over and over on my PVR and make sure all my friends catch it too. It's some crazy shit.

Wakestock's gonna have it all. Besides the jump and rail competitions at Long Pond, there'll be motorcross and pro skate demos...and probably tons of blaring punk rock. Enough to piss off the Islanders, who sure as hell don't want us there. Never mind, 30,000 other revellers. Can't wait.

Sunday's the day I'll be down there, for the day-long pro competitions. Check out the link on the left for ticket info.


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