Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Toronto the Clean and Green City

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Watched "The Mayor" on CityTV last night and was impressed with Toronto Mayor David Miller's clean and green objectives for this city. He wants to double the trees in the city - fantastic! He'd also like to do something about the smog (everyday we've been on smog alert) but I think this is where his power ends. Sure, we have one great wind turbine, and the provincial government has just recently shut down the coal burning plant called Lakeview (the four sisters), but over half of the smog in our city comes from the other side of the border, from the smoggy States. We know they have no plans on curbing the crap they export, but Prime Minister Martin is gonna give it a try anyway. Go Paul! Tell President Bush to shove his coal.... Well, tell him to do something.

I've been home today, came down with a bug, got the chills and I can't swallow. Miller mentionned that this sorta thing happens when there's too much pollution in the air.

A few years ago Toronto didn't really seem to care about the air so much (or pesticides for that matter). Now we're making in roads, and the wind turbine down on Lakeshore has had a big role in this I think. Everytime we pass by we're reminded that there are alternatives to creating energy. So while we won't get far with the States with Bush in power, maybe we can continue to set the example for the citizens of the States. Let's show them how it's done.


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