Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Cherry Beach Sundays

craig chillin cherry beach style
Originally uploaded by 416style.
Used to be Craig (pictured), Jimi and Team Large bringing the decks down to Cherry Beach for a little Sunday beach fest Toronto style. My bday in 02 brought the crew together again for an unforgetable time; Rene, Rick and Ali Black spun some wicked house and rnb while the girls kicked back on the beach and the boys played ball. Still owe you one guys.

Rumour has it that Justin (of Boreal and Harvest Festival fame) even pulled a decent crowd out on a winter day down at the beach. Frozen beers made for some complication.

Well, now it's a heat wave and time to begin the Cherry Beach ritual again. Dave and Irving of Promise are a dedicated two that bring us some Cherry Beach chill almost every Sunday, including this coming Canada Day. DJs play a range from dub and ambient to minimal techno. It's relocated now because the city's trying to make the area appealling to all and have planted a few too many trees in our sacred spot.

If you need details, you know where to find me. Peace.