Friday, July 22, 2005

Escape from Construction City

construction at the ROM
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I love Toronto, I really do, but this weekend I must do as most Torontonians long to do all summer...head north...escape the noise of construction, nearly impossible to do in this city.

It begins every morning in front of my house where my neighbor's already perfect yard is being renovated. It wakes me from my slumber and follows me to the bathroom, but then it's a pile driver I can hear working on condos a few blocks away, pounding incesssantly. Then to work, if I can get there through the maze of streets closed for streetcar repair. Outside the window of my 2nd floor office two condo towers are being built. It hasn't stopped since September.

So I've taken a couple days off and I'm trading it all in for the sounds of river rapids, trees blowing in the wind and DJs spinning techno. What DJs? Rewind.

100 of us are hopping on a bus up to our secret woody beach spot to continue a ritual called Boreal. We portage tons of gear and canoe about an hour to find the spot along the river that we call home for three days. DJs play all day Saturday, and Sunday too, as water lovers play with dragonflies and some dilligent people trek up the river with air mattresses strapped to their back, just for kicks.

As much as I love Toronto, there's nothing like a trip into the backwoods of Canada...our True North Strong and Free. See you in a few.


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