Thursday, July 28, 2005

Beauty Quest Airdates

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Beauty Quest is a one-hour documentary which follows a female fashion photographer exploring where real beauty can be found. The streets of Toronto and New York are full of women: young and old, fit and phat, women of many cultures. Arline takes their pictures, then must chose "the one" that Dove will send on it's Real Beauty photography tour, exhibiting here in Toronto at the Eaton Centre August 5th to 14th.

Working with the team that put the one-hour together, I was privy to a sneak peak at Camera Bar. Beauty Quest has inspired me, made me question my ideas of beauty and confidence and made me realize, shockingly, that most women out there do not think of themselves as beautiful. I hope everyone can tune in and watch Beauty Quest on one of the dates below, and then tell someone close to them how beautiful you think they are.

On the W Network:
Saturday, July 30 @ 8PM
Sunday, July 31 @ 3PM
Wednesday, August 24th @ 10PM

On The Documentary Channel:
Thursday, August 11 @ 5PM
Friday, August 12 @ 5PM
Saturday, August 13 @ 7PM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think your a beauty.

Blogger Unknown said...

Sookie I like your style see your still using the K-Series lenses..

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