Monday, August 29, 2005

Tornado Barely Misses Toronto

Reports came in throughout the week of the damage done to some streets and highways since last Friday's tornado touched down in the surrounding areas of Toronto. We didn't know what to expect that night, but the storm passed quickly, and most of us were lucky to get a good start to the weekend on a boat cruise out on Lake Ontario.

Since I hadn't seen any images until now, the severity had somehow escaped me. This amazing image, which looks like it was created for a Hollywood disaster flick, was taken by a meterology student in the area of Fergus, Ontario. It turns out it was a pretty rough storm, but one we will recover from.

Now, watching the news at the office, we are all in horror as hurricane Katrina pounds through Louisiana and Alabama. I've never seen anything quite this bad. We hope that all those involved stay safe with their loved ones.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow! what a tragedy
have you seen the photos from the flood on Finch & Sentinel Avenues?
obviously not as damaging but still...

Blogger tlwest said...

Amazing photo!

Blogger Ririnette said...

Tsk tsk tsk, you should check the sources of your photographs :-P See here : and here

Blogger sookie said...

thanks riri. that's useful to know. when i posted it i desperately wanted to credit the photographer but the photos had come to me by email with the details provided in the blog.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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