Sunday, June 26, 2005

Waterfront Weekends

toronto island airport ferry
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It's as though someone was trying to prove me wrong after I wrote the last blog about the Martin Goodman Trail and Toronto's waterfront. I've spent the last two weekends on Toronto's waterfront and enjoyed it immensely.
Last weekend started with a beach volleyball tournament on the Toronto Islands - 400 teams were there to raise money for the charity HOPE. While I popped my knee out during one of the games and had to be wheeled off the islands' ferry docks I wasn't going to let it slow me down on my birthday weekend.
The next day I had big plans: brunch and boating. Il Fornello's at Queen's Quay was the starting point. Delicious food, terrific service and a wonderful waterfront breeze on the patio made my hangover easier to ignore.
Now for the thrill...powerboating around the harbour on a rented 26ft 250hp deckboat. We put the throttle into high gear and burned up tons of gas, that's what happens when you let the boys drive. There was so much to see, so many new places you wouldn't know existed if you were on land, so we explored as much of it as we could.
The day just kept getting better. Found a secret rooftop patio I'm not allowed to indulge info about on this blog, but I can tell you it's gonna make my summer.
Then the champagne flowed, on a friends luxury cruiser beside the harbourfront centre stage while the sun set. Wow. Life on the water definitely agrees with me.
Aside from my bum knee, it couldn't have been a more perfect day.
Since then, all week long I'd thought about the water and boating and marinas and how I couldn't wait to get out there again. So on Friday, Craig gets the invite to go sailing out of Mimico's Cruising Club. I'm in. Let me change my plans.
It was a squirrley day they would say but we found some good wind out near Port Credit's Four Sisters and I found myself commandeering the sail boat through a bit of it.
Next stop, fireworks at the Rogers VIP tent at Ontario Place. Best view I've ever enjoyed. Thanks Ted.
I love Toronto and it just keeps getting better.


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