Friday, March 17, 2006

Fall Fashion Outlook: Conservative

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While all I can think about is a trip to Brazil next week and which summer clothes I can bust outta my closet, Fashion Week at Liberty Grand this week is all about Fall. I only had the opportunity to see Comrags, a poular Toronto brand, and while I found there were inspiring pieces throughout I felt I'd seen the theme before. My girlfriend called it... While I'd sum it up as orphan Welsh school boy style. Women, in just below knee length pleated skirts, were wearing what looked like their dad's shoes. Nice jackets and soft boho shirts were worn with leather harnesses reminiscent of archaic school book holders, or leiderhosen or a shoulder holster for a firearm. Never figured out what that was about.
Best part of a Fashion Week event is always crowd watching, some socialites, some reporters, some buyers and a bunch of us wannabes everywhere. Toronto is still really conservative about its fashion and it shows in the crowd. Black everywhere, little decoration except a silly logo bag and no one who really dares try something new. There were quite a few people who looked pretty slick but no one in the crowd could bust something different, take it to another level and become what Fashion Week should be all about...inspiring others to try something new. Express yourself people.


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