Saturday, March 11, 2006

Calatrava in Toronto

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I've always loved the design of Toronto's BCE place and knew that it was the work of distinguished architect Santiago Calatrava. Since then I've been enamored of this master of design and sing his praises to those with an open ear. Especially since seeing a recent exhibition of his work at the Metropolitain Museum of Art in New York City. He uses nature as both mother and teacher in his inspiration he says, these lead him to create marvellous statues of marble and steel cord which eventually will become world renowned skyscrapers of condos and office buildings like that in Malmo, Sweden or his upcoming unbelievable condo on the New York City shore at 80 South Street.
I can only hope his designs inspire others to build cities where we can walk in awe and marvel at the genius that surrounds us and is a part of us. Perhaps he already has. I've been mistakenly attributing Toronto's landmark Humber Pedestrian Bridge to the genius of Calatrava but recently found out he's not the only one who can design such symbiotic structures in our environment.


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