Saturday, October 08, 2005

Drop It

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Perfect timing. The weather in Toronto drops (chilly isn't it?)...I start thinking of snowboarding...and along comes the Toronto Ski Snowboard and Travel Show to get me in the mood to hit the hills. The weekend event, held October 13th to 16th, at the CNE's Automotive Building is an awesome way to start the season....get excited about a new board, get some new gear and keep in mind the season is only a couple months away. If you're gonna get a 5x7 at Blue, you better do it before the 24th too. So drop in and drop some cash, if only for some toys to keep it fresh or some socks (I love snowboarding socks!) to keep it warm. Last few times I went I had no plans to buy any goods and ended up with a few hundred bucks of gear but I was thrilled to have picked up some fantastic deals for only a little coin. It's not enough to show your boardin skills if you don't look like a pro doin it. So drop it...


Blogger Bobby said...

Sitting here at work doing some accounting on a Saturday. (Ugh!)

I'd rather be in Toronto!
I've never been.

Blogger tlwest said...

looks like a whole lotta fun-- we don't get snow in Florida very often ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been thinking the same thing, with the cold weather we've been having. Can't wait to get out on the crappy, icy runs we have in Ontario!

Blogger jeiner percy said...

hola como esta todos


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