Thursday, May 26, 2005

Toronto's new iCon: the Apple store

ginza apple store
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Over the weekend, crowds rushed Toronto's new Apple store. I might have been there too but I felt horribly let down by Apple, a company I've loved and supported since the wee age of 10. The Apple store is, and should be, an icon, a landmark, in cities around the world. (See Tokyo's store in the high-end shopping district of Ginza.) Ours is a stinking little store in Yorkdale mall, and this is the first one Canada gets?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd be just thankful to have one, here in Ireland we'll probably never get one (despite Apple's European HQ being in Cork), and the nearest at the moment is in London (one of two in Europe, both in England) ;P

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was so impressed with the store that I forgot what I came for. Great staff, good lay out, lots of demonstrators. Only problem, i hate shopping centres.

straightdane too./Users/flemming/Desktop/Sorting/Microsoft 1978.jpg

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your lack of loyalty towards the IBM product family has been noted. This sort of posting makes Bill Gates cry.

You are a big meanie


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