Saturday, May 21, 2005

Bloody Caesar

Mmmm...every weekend I look forward to a Bloody Caesar in a tall glass with my Eggs Florentine (I like Dr. G's brunch in Bloor West Village). Lately though the craving has carried over to weekdays and I find myself mixing or ordering this more than my usual gin and tonic. The LCBO has a few options now too: Mott's, Smirnoff and The Keg Caesar's. The Keg gives you the salty glass rimmer which is nice, and theirs are pretty good. I think the Smirnoff's Caesar's the best though, but, it's even better if you can make it yourself. Here's how I like it:

In a tall glass with celery
Wet the rim with lemon juice
Sprinkle it with celery salt or one of the pre-made rimmers from Caban
1 oz vodka (I like Moskovskaya)
salt + pepper
dash Worcestershire sauce
dash Tabasco sauce
clamato juice
squeeze of lemon

I think it's kinda cool too that the drink is a Canadian "invention" from the 60s. Drink up Canada!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just had a Caesar but I make my rimmer out of chili powder, cayenne, sea salt,pepper and celery salt.Mix it up and then where did my day go?

Blogger sookie said...

at Dr. Generosity they add horseradish too which tastes great, but i didn't add it to the recipe cause i normally don't make it that way at home.


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