Saturday, May 21, 2005

Pool parties and powerboats

My bday is in less than a month...June 18...on a Saturday which is nice. I do prefer celebrating Sunday afternoon though. Last year was fantastic, all my friends came down to C-Lounge on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, we chilled with champagne and house music in a poolside cabana. Can I top it? Should I do something different? Everyone enjoyed the atmoshere of the place, but there aren't any similar places I can think of.
The other option on the table is to rent a power boat from Queens Quay Yachting ( and bomb around the harbour and the Toronto Islands. This is great too, but limited to about 12 would I choose?
I really wish I had a pool, or that my girlfriend from LA would come back so we could hang at her place. Summer pool parties are awesome.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

C-Lounge is cool but I find the no dog policy restrictive to me and my peeps. I mean I'm no german shepard over here. I mean maybe I can't fit in a purse but I can certianly fit in a beach bag. So what I'm supposed to miss my main girl's B-Day yeah that's right I used capitals this is the shit. So sort shit out case I'm gonna b there.

Woof Bark Whatever

(One pissed off dog)

Blogger Christie E. Little said...

You are a Gemini baby, too. I have to say that the flu phlegm green description was delightful. LOL. How you got that from black!

Blogger sookie said...

i ended up doing it all and had a fabulous time, powerboating, poolside, then cracked the champagne on a beautiful sailboat. thanks to all those that made it super fun.


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