Thursday, October 11, 2007

Toronto Ski & Snowboard Show Starts Today

blue mountain
If you're one of those people who, all winter long, talk of nothing but the crappy weather there might be something you can do to turn that frown upside down: snowboarding. All summer long while everyone talks about how beautiful it is I'm secretly wishing snow would fall, and keep falling.

Finally the wait is almost up. This weekend's Toronto Ski, Snowboard and Travel Show marks the unofficial start to the season. From today at 3PM through to Sunday at the Automotive Building, Exhibition Place, you can find all the snowgear you'll ever need and plan any winter getaways too. Gear is usually last year's stock and priced to fly. It's not just boards and bindings, great deals can be found on sporty winter jackets and "underwear" too.

All that's left to consider is where to board when the flakes start falling. Mount St. Louis Moonstone offers great beginner "discovery" packages which include a lesson, rentals and lift all for under $55, but if you're serious about the white stuff Blue Mountain's selling a 5x7 - all nights and weekdays lift pass - for $164 until October 22nd. Last year I waited too long and had to pay double - still worth every penny. This time, I'll pick up my pass at the snowboard show. They'll take my picture and I'll be done with it - no hour long lines when I'm busting to get on the hill.

Admission to the show is $15.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nooo, I missed the Toronto show!!! Do you know what other cities it is travelling to??

Blogger sookie said...

I don't know that it does. I've heard about the October "Turkey" sale on the hill at Blue too. The show was okay this year (2007). Got some goggles for $100 that were normally $190. Otherwise tons of new stuff and not really the deal on last year's gear you'd hope for.

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