Tuesday, May 01, 2007

At Dr. G's The Doctor is Always Generous

Consistency is one of the main ways I rate a restaurant. It's important to set a certain standard and continually live up to that standard one's set. Dr. Generosity is one of the rare places I've found that does just that.

Since the first time I walked through the door of this Bloor West Village restaurant a couple years ago, I've found it a hospitable place with a great menu. Add to this the friendly Doctor, Dr.G, who really cares about how his restaurant is run.

Their menu has a ton of variety, for kids, vegetarians, for everybody. My fav is their lunch menu (really a brunch menu) that lasts until 3pm on weekends. I usually show up with about 10 minutes left and chose from a tuna melt deliciously made with apples or my regular, Eggs Dostoyevsky (Eggs Benny but with Salmon). With a side of salad and lemon basil sauce, and a tiny cup of fruit salad, it's definitely a generously-sized meal, and always made with fresh ingredients. The caesars with horseradish are made just right too, every time.

Dr. Generosity, 2197 Bloor Street West, 416-604-0704


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