Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Terminal One Welcomes Feist Back to Toronto

It's not often Toronto's Terminal One at Pearson inspires me to break into song and dance. That might be different after watching Feist's new video My Moon My Man. Next time I find myself strolling down the moving sidewalks looking at our sparkling city under a full moon I don't know if I'll be able to hold back. I just hope there'll be a few others that join in.

The jetsetting Canadian singer songwriter has been away for awhile. I'm happy to hear she's just moved back to Toronto where she's filmed a few videos for her upcoming album The Reminder, scheduled for release in Canada and the US today. For now Feist is working solo but her past musical collaborations led her to work with with Broken Social Scene and former Toronto roommate Peaches.

My man Craig Williams, Location Manager on Feist's recent videos which were shot over several nights at the airport, said they were ton of fun to work on. It's a catchy song too. See what people are saying about the video on blogTO.

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