Monday, March 26, 2007

The Future is Bright

This might just change the way I think about fluorescent lighting forever. Toronto design collective Castor Canadensis has found a fun way to light a space while making sure used bulbs don't end up in landfills all over the place. Using the old tubes tied together with incandescent bulbs lighting from within makes for a fantastic showpiece, especially for those eco-sensitive design fiends out there.

Made large to be hung horizontally or 2 feet tall for table or floor versions, the lamp will surely stand out from more traditional lighting. The collective notes on their cool website that they'll cut the manufacture price by half for those who bring in burnt-out bulbs themselves from architecturally significant buildings. No word from the firm whether the design has any bearing on energy efficiency but blogTO readers have a comment or two. Hit recommend if you want to spread the word yourself.

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