Sunday, November 12, 2006

Who Represents Ward 14?

I'm usually way ahead of the game when it comes to federal and provincial elections but in this municipal vote I'm still trying to make up my mind. Cruising on the web today led me to Spacing's great site, which pointed me to a list of candidates for City Councilor at Since there are links to most of the candidates sites I've been checking out their stand on the issues. Strangely everyone in Ward 14 - Parkdale High Park - seems to be saying the same thing: protect our neighborhood - from pollution, traffic, crime and intensification.

Personally, I'd like to see Wabash Community Centre built from the derelict industrial building that now sits on the edge of Wabash park - architect and candidate David White is the only one who's been involved. I'd like the waterfront cleaned up. I'd like our trees to be given more importance than parking spots. However, I don't think we're ready to tear down the Gardiner and I don't think I'd like the Front Street Extension. As far as energy concerns, I love our wind turbine but think we should incinerate our garbage to create energy as they do in Copenhagen, Denmark. Just heard Mayor David Miller's opposition to incineration is based on figures from 35 year old technology, he just realized. After all the reports I've read I probably know more about it than our mayor. So that's where I stand, but how about our candidates? Who do you want to represent Ward 14?

The best candidate breakdown I've seen comes from Parkdale High Park candidate himself Anthony Quinn. It's hilarious and unabashedly stolen from his blog word for word below:

Beverly Bernardo:

She’s a Communist who lists her political hero as Lenin. Note to Beverly, he slaughtered hundreds of thousand of people. That aside she has no interest in local politics, but rather class struggle, unions and imperialist forces. Vote for Beverly if you are a Communist. And if you are a Communist, remember that they don’t vote in Communist countries.

John Colautti:

John seems like a nice guy. He worked for the out going Councillor Watson. I’ve listened to John and read his material, but I still don’t know what he means or what he stands for. If you vote for John, you’ll likely get more of that.

Tom Freeman:

Tom is another nice guy. He’s a multi-millionaire; at least he recently purchased a multi-million dollar home in a fancier part of town than Ward 14. He runs a restaurant on Roncesvalles that takes in at risk youth for job training. My pal who works at Covenant House vouches for the program. Tom wants to plant trees and beautify Roncesvalles Ave. Vote for Tom if you have a stake in a Rocesvalles Ave. business.

David Hanna:

David speaks softly and knows about architecture and planning. That’s about it for David.

Barry Hubick:

Slightly odd, but genuine in his concern for Toronto. Says if we take care of the little things, like crosswalks and litter, the big things will take care of themselves. Barry does not want to be City Councillor; he actually said, “don’t vote for me” at an all candidates meeting, so I suggest you don’t.

Walt Jarsky:

Member of the NDP party. A gentleman, with a New York accent. Vote for Walt if you want the best of the many NDP candidates to represent you at City Hall.

Ted Lojko:

Ted is a perennial candidate for election in the neighbourhood, having previously been an unsuccessful Liberal candidate. He’s worked as a community planner and non-profit housing developer. Vote for Ted if you want an old-school politician representing you at City Hall.

Gord Perks:

Gord is a militant, environmental activist and paid political lobbyist. Vote for Gord if all you care about is environmentalism, because that’s all he cares about, as it has been the focus of his entire adult life and he’s not about to change. Don’t vote for Gord if you believe in capitalism and enjoy the freedom of driving a a car.

Rowena Santos:

Rowena is a well educated 28 year old. She’s another NDP candidate, who wants to raise your taxes to spend on social programs. Vote for Rowena if you think City Council needs a replacement for Olivia Chow.

Dilorece South:

Dilorece is a Parkdale business owner who wants to fight crime promote multiculturalism and improve the business environment in Parkdale. She does not live in the area, but spends most of her waking hours in the neighbourhood. She’s a nice woman. Vote for Dilorece if you have a stake in a Parkdale business.

Jimmy Talpa:

Jimmy has been rude and disruptive at the all candidates meetings, and would likely do the same in City Council. He’s a Toronto sports fan and a “character” of our City. Don’t vote for Jimmy unless you’re related to him.

Matthew Vezina:

Matthew Vezina is a litigious court reporter. He has a good speaking voice and is adamant in his opinions. I think you’d have to meet Matthew in person before deciding to vote for him or not.

David White:

David is the least palatable member of the NDP contingent in Ward 14. He’s a former City and Metro Councillor who wants another kick at the can. Vote for David if you believe in recycling – politicians.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave Meslin says his sites and are going make him a kingmaker in local politics.

If anything Dave who used to work in NDP MPP Marilyn Churley's constituency office has only managed to help fringe candidates
undermine the chances of well known and well respected NDP candidates like Alejandra Bravo, Paul Ferreira and Greg Hamara from having any chance to unseat incumbent city councillors.

Way to go Dave!

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