Monday, November 06, 2006

Mystery Blaze Evacuates Toronto Residents

For a long time I've wanted the remaining abattoirs in Toronto moved out of the city core, now it seems someone else - with a more destructive nature - may have wanted it too. Fire burned throughout the morning destroying one of the massive slaughterhouses on St. Clair Avenue near Keele. Firefighters came and left, then it appears that another blaze sparked and continued to burn down the same building. Officials are extremely suspicious. Residents have been evacuated and the street is still closed down over 17 hours later. Hopefully time will unravel the mystery.

It'll be interesting to find out whether a new meat packing plant will be built on the site. I think they're obnoxious and should be moved out of the city centre, especially with the current rise in density in Toronto. Fortunately for us, Toronto councilor Joe Pantalone reveals in EYE Weekly in 2001 that while remaining abattoirs in the city cannot be forced out of the area, the city wouldn't zone to allow for any in the future.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised myself
to find large retail or more
residential fill this spot within
2-5 years. But it's going to sit like a big ugly eyesore while investigations/insurance folk wrestle through it all.

Shots from the bbq:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would put to have it leveled after the investigation. At least the smell and trucks will be gone. Good riddance.

Blogger Rositta said...

Where exactly should they move it too? Wasn't it there before the new homes were built? Would I have bought a house there, well no duh. Come on guys, food doesn't just come from the supermarket, I know it's unpleasant but animals have to be killed for us to eat, unless your a vegan? I don't think Markham or Newmarket want out abatoirs.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need our slaughterhouses send it out and the cost will go up because of transportation costs and sorry to say, but most of the city would not agree as most of the city eats meat. Signed the meat lover!


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