Sunday, September 10, 2006

It's Not Too Late to TIFF

The Toronto Film Festival is showcasing 352 films this year and we all know it can be a bit daunting to jump into it at this stage of the game. If you haven't made any picks for this week there are still plenty of options. I've narrowed down what I think are some very worthwhile films and documentaries for this Tuesday and Thursday night, all of which had tickets available at the time I posted this.

Filmmaker Bruce LaBruce personally recommended Cuban doc The Sugar Curtain about 70s utopian dreams: Tuesday at 8:15PM.

More reasons to make fun of the suburbs, Radiant City, Tuesday at 8:45PM.

Not just for the title, Dong, a documentary which explores the building of the Three Gorges dam in China and its subsequent devastation of everything surrounding it, Thursday at 7:15PM.

For Liz and Craig - competitive gymnasts in White Palms, Thursday at 8PM.

First love warms up cold Toronto nights, In Between Days Thursday at 8:30PM.

If you ever been compelled to Hula, uplifting Hula Girls Thursday at 8:45PM.

With so many terrific films at the festival you can't go wrong, but get your tickets soon.


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