Saturday, September 09, 2006

Great Success!

According to Matt at blogTO the Borat film during Toronto's International Film Festival was a bust. While over 300 people showed up to see the Kazhakstani star ride in on his white horse, 20 minutes into the flick the projector broke. Michael Moore and Ali G / Sasha Baron Cohen / Borat entertained the restless crowd.

I thought I was one of Ali's biggest fans, convincing my boyfriend to dress up as him for Hallowe'en 04, but it turns out I'm not the only one. Even some dude who paid $400 bucks wasn't disappointed he didn't see the film, instead getting to see the star of HBO's Da Ali G show in his element.

While I think Borat's character deserves "Great Success!" for me it's Bruno that knows how to give a great interview:


Blogger sookie said...

Correction: Borat arrived on the red carpet on a wagon pulled by four women dressed as peasants. A donkey rode in the carriage with him. Amazing!


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