Wednesday, August 02, 2006

breaking in.

roy thomson hall
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This one of my favourite stories, and one most people don't believe....

One night a bunch of us were wasted at a friend's place when we got a call that Tiga - Montreal superstar and owner of legendary nighclub Sona - was spinning at Roy Thomson Hall. What a venue! My friends were inside and said it was fantastic. Could we make it? It was my idea to try to do it and it seemed like everyone was game.

We got to the door at 3:30am and security was adamant they wouldn't let any more people in. Think that was gonna stop us?Nearby we stumbled upon Metro Hall and someone had an epiphany - we were gonna "break in" by going underground.

Somehow we set off the alarms throughout the tower but nobody seemed to notice. Down below we made it to some food court and then decided the hallways to haul garbage were our way into the Hall. Now this wasn't some Hollywood bank robbery - but we were surprisingly savvy for a bunch of drunk kids.

After a couple broken credit cards we jimmied our way into the long corridors, still with no one on our tail. A few minutes later we came around a bend and we were at the door opposite the party. This was one serious piece of steel though. We slammed and jumped and banged on the door but no one heard over the loud music, or maybe they just didn't know how bad we wanted in.

Brett, my crazy actor buddy and partner in crime was standing beside me when we heard something coming around the corner. Big gulp!

Here's where it gets Hollywood. Around that corner came two dobermans and a security guard running full speed ahead. We had no choice but to run! Someone yelled and we all bolted like we'd never done before. Crazy bit is, we didn't know what was at the other end of the hallway we were running toward, but we kept going. It felt like forever. Finally we saw that the hallway led up some stairs. We hustled up them so fast and found two big sturdy doors. Full speed ahead.

We swung them wide open and found ourselves outside! Scott free! Does it get any better? I suppose we could've made it in to the party, but I still love running into that group of crazy friends and wonder what other adventures lay ahead. Next time I'll tell you about catching a cab on the Gardiner.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

huh, you guys used to live dangerously!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's an awesome story. Craig and me at Ikea still has you beat, though!

Personally, I would have just let the guards come to me when you were at the door, pretended I just went to the bathroom adn got "lost" and just looking to get back into the party. You would have probably been escorted back in by the guards!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

fucking awesome Sookie!!


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