Monday, June 19, 2006

Dive Right In

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Sometimes I really miss being a Toronto lifeguard, sitting by the cool pool as the sun feeds my soul. Best way to spend the summer I'd say. That is, if you remember to slather on the sunscreen. Good news is we can all enjoy Toronto's public pools. As of the past weekend, 41 of 60 outdoor swimming pools opened across the city. Couldn't be better timing. You can call 416-338-POOL to see if your neighbourhood pool is open.

My favourite time to go? During "extended hours", when the pool extends opening hours until 11:45pm. Only a handful of pools offer this, and there are a few conditions: the temperature has to be 30C or over by 3pm with no chance for thunderstorms. It's one of Toronto's best-kept secrets (until now), and a great way to beat the heat before climbing into bed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi is this the broadview pool. the reflections cool. ciao ted


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