Friday, June 02, 2006

It's Bloggarrific

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Eleven months into my blogging hobby I now have 5 blogs, I’ve created 114 posts and -here’s the BIG NEWS- today I reached 10,000 hits. Thank you all for stopping by, leaving comments (that’s what blogging’s all about) and showing your support for my writing habit.

Feel like going for a spin? FourONEsixSTYLE will take you for a ride around Toronto. Need to know what’s hot in technology and media? Freshtracks will give you the latest news, reviews and breakthroughs. Don’t want to travel the bumpy road anymore? Travel in style when you visit bumpmedia’s travel blog.

Burgeoning blogs include one for my Theta friends from University to stay in touch, and another blog building up to the 2010 Whistler Olympics (I can’t wait).

Highlights of my blog career include getting posted on CBC’s The Hour homepage (thanks for noticing) and getting one of my flickr photos published on a book cover.

Now that I’m feeling like an old time blog pro I’ve also started contributing to an addictive urban blog called blogTO. You’ll catch me posting there at least 3 times a week.

“Where do you find the time?” my friends ask. I know though that if I wasn’t writing I’d go mad. So please, drop by and read my blogs now and then and help contribute to my sanity.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I know it's because of The Hours blog tracker that I found your blog. I check in all the time. Just not as The Stroumboulopouli until now.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your site is on top of my favourites - Great work I like it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As your friend and partner in crime, I often wonder when you find the time!! It's a treat to read about our various exploits and good times in TO. Some forget that we live in a great city filled with smart, sassy individuals! Most are too shy (or lazy!) to chronicle all TO has to offer. So thanks again Sooke, keep up the good work!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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