Monday, May 29, 2006

TTC Strike Strands Thousands

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Thousands of Torontonians woke up this morning oblivious to the TTC strike that had begun - with very little warning - at 4am this morning. That a union upset by shift changes should have so much power in the country's financial capital is insane. Approximately 800,000 commuters are affected by the actions of the transit commission's maintenance workers, and on a smog day nonetheless! I did my usual drive into downtown along the beautiful Lakeshore Blvd and hadn't noticed any change on traffic flows, but at the office several of my co-workers hadn't made it in.

Thankfully the last time the TTC went on strike it only lasted 2 days, considering this is "an illegal strike" (say the TTC) it should be wrapped up quick, otherwise bike to work week is going to start a little earlier this year.


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