Monday, April 24, 2006

Sweet Lulu Will Make You Smile

Sweet Lulu's
Originally uploaded by DanielN.
Seems bloggers do make a difference. After seeing this image on DanielN's photoblog I was compelled to give one of the new resaurants in my work area a try. Sweet Lulu had the style of a place I might like. It's clean, modern and organic - what my sister might call cafeteria style, but I can get into that. Another reason compelled me to try Sweet Lulu, my current lunch boite is closed for renovation and I can't get ramen out of my head.
I left my car near Trinity park and walked by what used to be my favourite clothing store (public - now sadly been split into two news stores, neither of which get me very excited) and thought I'd just grab something to go.
No take out menus by the door, so I walked up to the kitchen area hoping they'd have something to replace my favourite lunchtime meal from Sonya's. Despite the "cafeteria" style this place was bright and cozy. Making me feel even more at home was the Fischerspooner track playing from the speakers. It was enough to convince me to get something even if they don't have ramen on the list...and they didn't. I ordered a meal-sized soup for $8.00. This better be good, I thought. "10 minutes" they told me. May as well stay and chill if I'm gonna get settled. My massive soup arrived and was so delish - pad thai noodles, thai yellow curry with lemongrass and basil. It was my own mix and match creation, of which I was quite proud. Felt as though I should pipe up and tell them ramen noodles are better for this kind of thing, since she'd conceeded pad thai noodles were the best for soups when I'd asked earlier. I figured it wasn't a big enough deal to stir it up, especially since the waitress had been so sweet and smiley and at that moment was happily singing along to the Brazilian Girls track "pussy, pussy, pussy, marijuana". Bizarre lyrics I know, but it's a feel good song and quite catchy. It kinda fit the laid-back atmosphere. After my tasty soup and a lunchtime relaxing in the this fun little boite I couldn't help but leave with a smile on my face too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so happpy that you liked it.

The Malay sauce is amazing as is the green curry and you know how endless they feel when you mix and match the herbs and spices.


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