Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Big Steps

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Somehow I seem to miss the dates every year of the World Wildlife Federation's climb up the CN Tower. I vowed I would do it one day, and that day is quickly approaching; between April 27 and 29th anyone registered on the WWF website can climb the 1776 steps to the top, Torontonians and tourists alike. Before you react and say to yourself "No way!" just listen up for a minute. One blogger I found said that without any training or workouts it only took him 20 minutes.

That's nothing. Personally, I figure that since there are 70 steps to the top of my apartment door this can't be that hard, only 25 times more stairs, and as the ad in DOSE reports, that's all it takes to help in the fight against global warming.

That's one good reason. Another is the bragging rights. How many people can say they've climbed the world's tallest freestanding structure? Everyone will think you're nuts, but probably be a little jealous. Twenty minutes is all it takes: do your part for the environment and make yourself look good at the same time. Go on, take the stairs.


Blogger Barbara said...

20 minutes? You sure? I am coming to TO for Mothers day weekend. Do you think the stairs are open to the public or do you have to buy a ticket like the elevator? Buying a ticket for stairs would suck!

Blogger Juxtapose said...

Hi Sooks,

A buddy of mine did this a few years ago, also with no training, and said it took him between 20 to 30 minutes. Apparently it's not that difficult and is more getting over the mental preconceptions of climbing something so large.

This is also something I want to do one day, though this year I'm occupied that weekend.


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