Thursday, January 25, 2007

Line-ups at Lululemon Warehouse Sale

According to Anita Clark's website I want - I got, and mass emails quickly circulating around the city, Lululemon is having another huge warehouse sale. You can expect massive line-ups but also bargain prices for otherwise pricey yoga gear. I know the image of Lululemon-clad girls running about town has become a bit cliche, so if you'd rather avoid the stereotype Roots, Fila, and Old Navy offer yoga lines too.

Since I'm back on the yoga track, hitting Bikram classes a few times a week, I feel like I spend most of my extra time doing laundry. That's one good reason to for me to pick up some more gear. Most of Lululemon's yoga tops and bottoms are made with material that wicks away moisture too so it'll be easier to handle the heat when my Bikram's instructor jacks the thermostat to 40C+. You wouldn't catch me dropping $50 for a bra top or $75 on stretchy pants so I think I'll hit the sale like everyone else does to find some bargains.

See what people are saying about it on blogTO

Location: 473 Adelaide Street West.
Sale starts today and runs until Sunday
Everyday 10AM-7PM


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